Michael Bay is Making a Movie for Netflix, Ryan Reynolds to Star

Jermaine Castillo
May 23, 2018

Though Origins wasn't that long ago, the landscape of filming has changed, as that movie was shot was on film, while Deadpool 2 is digital.

After opening to $300 million worldwide in its debut weekend in theaters, "Deadpool 2" will nearly surely not be the last mutant-filled Merc With a Mouth movie we see in our lifetimes. The drama's set up with Skydance Media and Netflix and has Michael Bay (the Transformers film franchise) on board to direct.

Deadpool 2
MARVELDeadpool 2 The juggernaut was voiced by a surprising actor

I have to admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of 2016's R-rated superhero sensation "Deadpool". We understand that he's gruff and serious because of the loss of his daughter and wife, but the film doesn't give us enough of his character to leave us satisfied.

Director David Leitch, best known for 2014's intense action hit "John Wick", infuses character and humor in his action sequences that other films lack. Plus, we only get a taste of some of his iconic banter with Wade from the comics.

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Reynolds, riding high on the success of Deadpool 2, is involved partly because the script comes from his collaborators (co-conspirators?) on the Merc With A Mouth movies, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. First, they signed Adam Sandler to a significant deal, reigniting the actor's falling star and reviving his career on a platform where box office numbers don't matter. The final result did still manage, and it's the closet fans will have to seeing Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine share the screen together. I just filled it.' The kitchen scene was fun. There are countless pop culture references, from "Yentl" to James Bond to "Stranger Things".

"It is a little subversive in that it kind of undercuts the actual movie itself". "Deadpool 2" is, no doubt, one of the funniest comedies I have seen in recent years, and everything else that it adds is merely icing on the cake. And no, I'm not sitting here as some highly intellectual movie connoisseur to complain about how "Deadpool" was too dumb for me; I simply hold the position that uncreative and obvious jokes that reference Marvel's cinematic universe and pop culture are still uncreative and obvious. There's an earlier scene where they're in the kitchen and Colossus is trying to get the soap dispenser to work.

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Are you excited for the Deadpool 2 Extended Cut?

But if you thought Deadpool was done taking out the trash, you were wrong.

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