Trump cancels summit with Kim Jong

Virginia Santiago
May 25, 2018

The U.S. military is "ready if necessary", he said, and the two Asian allies "are not only ready should foolish or reckless acts be taken by North Korea, but they are willing to shoulder much of the financial cost or burden" of a conflict.

But the chances of success for the unprecedented face-to-face had recently been thrown into doubt.

Moon met Trump in Washington on Tuesday, but appeared caught unawares by the president's decision Thursday.

Trump's letter to Kim, nearly plaintive in tone, kept the door open to dialogue, but it also carried a threat evocative of past year when North Korea was honing its ability to target the continental US with a nuclear-tipped missile.

US Vice President Mike Pence listens to US President Donald J. Trump speak about cancelling the summit. The world, and North Korea in particular, has lost a great opportunity for a lasting peace and great prosperity and wealth.

Mr Trump added: "This missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history".

The Pentagon indicated it was braced to respond to possible "provocative actions" on Pyongyang's part. Nobody should be anxious. "We have to get it right", he said.

His withdrawal from a hastily arranged summit with Kim Jong Un drew strong criticism and some praise in Washington.

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Mr Trump's letter came shortly after North Korea followed through on a pledge to blow up tunnels at its nuclear site in the presence of foreign journalists. Privately, most USA officials, as well as outside observers, believed it would go ahead despite the uptick in tensions.

"Denuclearization will be a great thing for World, but also for North Korea!"

But Pyongyang has vowed it will never give up its nuclear deterrent until it feels safe from what it terms USA aggression.

The official further claimed that White House officials were in contact with South Korean and Japanese officials Thursday morning.

"They waited and they waited".

Another possibility is increased North Korean cyber attacks.

Negotiating with North Korea's volatile dictator, as anyone with any knowledge about the Korean peninsula could tell you, was always going to be fraught with pitfalls.

TOKYO-Japan said Friday it would continue to work with the USA and South Korea to pressure North Korea after President Donald Trump canceled his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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It also was unhappy about the North's failure to allow global observers to verify the dismantling of its Punggye-ri test site, the staging ground for all six of its nuclear tests which was buried inside a mountain near the border with China. This official said that is "definitely a piece of it".

Chinese analysts say China has much to gain from a peace deal that would prevent a potentially disastrous conflict with the United States on its border, and that in the long run might result in the removal of U.S. troops from South Korea.

"We certainly hope that it's the case but really don't know".

"I don't think that this closes the door", said Olli Heinonen, a former deputy director-general at the United Nations nuclear agency.

"South Korea is also likely to be angered, and the Alliance will take a hit". Trump wrote on Twitter.

Pyongyang's rapid ICBM advance was what originally put Trump and Kim on a collision course and, according to USA officials, led him at one point to ask the Pentagon to draw up options for a preventive strike on a North Korean nuclear or missile site.

He reiterated however that he had reached "a real understanding" with Kim, and that the American team had been "rocking and ready and prepared for this meeting".

If Kim decides on a more aggressive response to Trump's move, he could test one of his short- or mid-range missiles, something North Korea has refrained from doing in recent months while pursuing diplomatic outreach, analysts said.

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