Ford broke party rules, former PCs allege

Jermaine Castillo
May 29, 2018

Ontario's Liberals are alleging that Doug Ford was involved in selling fake Progressive Conservative party memberships in 2016.

The former party official, who wasn't at the meeting, said the appeals committee decided not to overturn the vote partly because such tactics for recruiting members are widespread, despite rules that say party members must pay their own dues.

The leader of the New democratic party, Andrea Horvath has denied claims by Ford that so far he was honest with voters.

"It is a swipe against democracy when you can just come in and buy memberships and then put people in, give people a (PIN number) and tell them, 'This is who you're voting for, '" said Eastwood and added.

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But under Mr. Ford's leadership, the party has overturned other controversial nominations that originally survived the appeal process. It also proposes to reduce the tax on small business enterprise that will cost the state slightly more than $60 million each year.

In addition, failed nomination candidate Pina Martino raised serious allegations of intimidation against the PC leader.

"We know from some of the slogans and the things that he's thrown out that if he is going to move on those things that he's going to have to make cuts across government", she said in Sudbury.

Matthews said that although Ford doesn't say he is paying for the membership, the conversation implies that someone other than the perspective member will be paying.

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"To say the least, this paints a disturbing picture of Doug Ford, a man who wants to be elected premier of this province but a man who is also lurking around corners in a hulking black SUV waiting to scare a woman". The allegations were sent to the party in 2016.

The National Post reported Thursday that Ford signed up new members and paid for their memberships to help Kinga Surma win the nomination in Etobicoke Centre.

Doug Ford is pictured with a flyer for Etobicoke Centre Candidate Kinga Surma.

Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne said Ford is afraid to publish the plan because it would imply reducing government services and programs. Ford then did just that and went back on message repeated his priorities to get the Ontario economy moving. There have been allegations of membership fraud - recruiting new members to vote for a candidate is key to winning party nominations - and ballot-box stuffing.

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