John Goodman Reacts To 'Roseanne' Cancellation

Yolanda Curtis
June 1, 2018

Now, Entertainment Weekly reports that ABC and producers are working to see if they can make a show - a spin-off of sorts - work without Barr.

Its press secretary suggested liberal TV stars suffered no consequences for saying "the most terrible things" about President Donald Trump.

Asked if the decision to immediately cancel the show was the right way to handle the situation, Smith answered, "I, personally, would have maybe fired her and kept everybody else".

What did the White House say?

The network promptly canceled the revival of Barr's sitcom on Tuesday following harsh backlash against her tweet earlier that day.

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John Goodman has broken his silence regarding ABC's cancellation of Roseanne. Trump doesn't get an apology because he's the leader of a democracy and that means he needs to be held to account by his citizens. It's the most gawd bad painful thing.

Barr, 65, hastily apologised and said she would be removing herself from the social media platform, but it wasn't long before she returned to Twitter and started posting more things about the ongoing debacle. It is a dark stain on the history of this country and ABC, being owned by the Disney corporation, has taken the stance that it will not put up with statements of racism, even if it involves their number 1 show.

Mrs Sanders also highlighted a "profane rant" by comedian Kathy Griffin against Mr Trump on the same morning show. "Will I ever recover from this pain? omg".

"Sometimes people could just walk by her and she'd yell: 'What are you doing in here?' She was paranoid that the executive producers were spying on her", the source said.

Mrs Sanders walked out without answering.

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Trump is referring to ABC News reporter Brian Ross, who was suspended after making an error in a story previous year when he said Trump had directed former National Security adviser Michael Flynn to make contact with the Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Barr sounds like she would support such a development. "I will examine all of my options carefully and get back to U [sic]".

He also added that he's been "baffled" by Barr's continued affiliation with Donald Trump, who called to congratulate her on Roseanne's massive ratings when it premiered. I begged 4 ppls jobs, ' she tweeted. In response to tweets calling out Gilbert and Emma Kenney, who plays Barr's granddaughter, Barr wrote, "i feel bad for @POTUS-he goes thru this every single day".

Today, she offered yet another apology as well as "forgiveness" for Roseanne co-stars Sara Gilbert and Michael Fishman.

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