IOS 12, macOS Mojave, Memoji and Other Big Announcements from WWDC 2018

Gerardo Harmon
June 6, 2018

If your computer is on macOS Sierra or macOS High Sierra, you can likely install the new Mojave update this fall to on your computer as a free upgrade.

Finder now has a carousel for pick files and check previews easily.

The new mode, which allows users to switch to a darkened colour scheme, would be a welcome addition for those who work for long hours at night and for designers and artists. macOS Mojave's new dark mode works with built-in apps such as Mail, Messages, Maps, Calendar and Photos, which have been redesigned accordingly to improve visibility. When you click on a stack, it expands out so you can select which file you'd like.

Apple ARKit 2 Will Introduce Shared AR Experiences Across Separate Devices
Facebook can collect data on users and non-users through social plugins littered across millions of websites across the internet. Parents will be able to set limits for time their children set in apps, and get detailed reports regarding which apps are used.

The new macOS 10.14 update is coming to a wide range of Apple computers.

That said, starting in 2019, some iOS app developers will be able to move over their app to the MacOS platform using new tools created by Apple.

"Dark Mode brings a dramatic new look to macOS that puts your content front and centre, familiar iOS apps come to the Mac for the first time and the redesigned Mac App Store makes finding new apps easier and more enjoyable than ever". The company is moving from mountains to deserts and therefore, has named the new update a desert in California, Mojave and no, I'm honestly not aware how it's pronounced but I'm sure we'll figure it out soon.

Apple shows off watchOS 5 with Walkie-Talkie, better workouts, and deep notifications
WatchOS 5 can handle many of those natively, thanks to Web Kit integration. watchOS 5 packs in a new way to chat with friends. Unlike a real walkie-talkie , however, the app will work no matter where in the world your conversation partner is located.

Unfortunately, Federighi continues to downplay the concept of a touchscreen Mac with the natural ability to handle an iOS app's original UI. More than just screenshotting, it can be used to capture video directly.

Much like every year, macOS Mojave will be bringing a host of privacy and security related enhancements. After the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data breach, Apple has introduced a feature to Safari which they call Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which helps block social media "Like" or "Share" buttons and comment widgets from tracking users without their permission.

Apple is bringing tips articles into the Mac App Store, giving users direct access to information on how to use the apps they've already installed. Even screencapping videos will not be quicker from the keyboard shortcut, rather than going through QuickTime to screen record. Apple also promised to remove cookies which act as a tracking code for many websites out of Safari completely.

China vows to protect its interests from "reckless" USA trade threats
The relationship between Navarro and Mnuchin appears to have been souring for a while over U.S. Import tariffs on 79 auto parts will also be reduced to 6% from the current levels of 8-25%.

New feature Stacks takes all those screenshots and pictures and documents littering your desktop and organises them into folders based on the type of file, though you can also set it to sort them on the basis of date or tags.

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