Trump Declares Dems Want Illegals to 'Infest' America

Geraldine Edwards
June 20, 2018

Trump's meeting late Tuesday afternoon with House Republicans comes at a time when lawmakers in both parties are up in arms over the administration's "zero tolerance" approach to illegal border crossings.

While leading Democrats have said they wouldn't support either bill ― with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) calling Ryan's "compromise" bill "doomed to fail" ― Republicans may still have enough votes to pass one of them, since the party now controls both houses of Congress.

Later that night, Burgess released a stream of tweets clarifying his support for the Trump administration and renewed his calls for accountability in foreign countries.

"We want to end the border crisis by finally giving us the legal authorities and the resources to detain and remove illegal immigrant families altogether", Trump said Tuesday, "and bring them back to their country".

As images of youngsters in cages and an audiotape of wailing children affected by Trump's "zero-tolerance" policy filled worldwide media, the overwhelming majority of Republicans in competitive districts in November's elections issued statements and took to social media to try to tell voters that they did not condone removing children from their parents.

Growing attention to an immigration policy that is splitting children from parents after their arrests at the border have people wondering what the actual law is. But after signaling Monday that it would oppose any fix aimed exclusively at addressing that issue, the White House said Tuesday it was reviewing the emergency legislation being introduced by Cruz to keep migrant families together.

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Two of the top U.S. business groups, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable, decried the separation policy on Tuesday and called for its immediate cessation.

Mr Trump said he would not allow the United States to become a "migrant camp".

The president said in the meeting that separating parents and children was "certainly not an attractive thing and does look bad", Representative Tom Cole said. The separations have been blasted by Democrats, some Republicans, medical professionals and rights activists.

"We can not detain children with their parents", she said, adding that releasing parents with their children amounts to a "get out of jail free card" policy for those who try to cross the border illegally. "We want ultimately a merit-based system where people come in based on merit".

They were taken before a bipartisan group of 84 former US attorneys issued a statement calling for an end to the policy and saying they were "appalled" by the "unnecessary trauma and suffering of innocent children".

Tuesday's huddle between Trump and Republican lawmakers will be closely watched, in part to see whether any of them dare to directly confront the president.

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On Monday, Mr Trump said the U.S. would "not be a migrant camp", or a refugee-holding facility.

President Trump only talked about separating kids from their families in the context of political optics - not the actual policy, according to a GOP member.

"I don't want them to stop my father", another child cries. Nielsen said at a National Sheriffs' Association in New Orleans, "We will not apologize for the job we do, for the job law enforcement does and for the job the American people expect us to do". The Democrats have to change their law. However Democrats argue that no congressional action is required and the president can simply reverse his own policy.

Decrying "internment camps", Democrats and their supporters disrupted a high-profile US congressional hearing about an Federal Bureau of Investigation probe on Tuesday.

An audio recording was published Monday that appears to capture the voices of young children crying out for the parents at a US immigration detention center.

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