Colbert, Fallon and Conan join forces in joint monologue against Trump

Yolanda Curtis
June 28, 2018

Late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Conan O'Brien joined forces Tuesday to brainstorm a response to President Trump after he called Colbert a "lowlife" and Fallon a "lost soul" during a political rally in SC.

The potentially history-making shared sketch kicks off with Colbert working on his opening monologue when he's interrupted by Fallon, who greets him with, "Hey lowlife!" "Hey, lost soul", Colbert responds. "I heard he said some pretty bad stuff about us", Fallon said. He says, "If we're not careful, this could start to get ugly".

"Honestly are these people amusing?", Trump asked the crowd, earning a resounding "No". Trump tweeted, to which Fallon responded on his show, "shouldn't he have more important things to do?" After Colbert showed off how talented he really is (via an odd ear trick), he said, "I think he called me "the guy on CBS" because he's afraid to say my name".

Trump has not appeared on any late-night talk shows since taking office.

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The pair riffed on the president's remarks, even looping in O'Brien, who pretended he didn't know Trump was even president. Colbert asks, to which Fallon replies, "Red Hen?"

Colbert played a clip of Trump speaking about immigration policy following the decision. Turns out Carson was ahead of his time, Colbert quipped. "It's not right. That's plagiarism". The moment went viral and led to criticism for Fallon.

Colbert responded by saying it didn't sound like something Trump would say. He went after Jimmy Kimmel.

Colbert then brings the redheaded host into the video chat, where they catch him mid-shave.

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Colbert immediately stood up to defend this unspecified CBS employee.

"Oh to which I say, no talent? Have you seen his Carpool Karoke with Paul McCartney?" Colbert asked, folding his ear in on itself and staring confidently into the camera.

"Well, guys, give him time".

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