Lara Trump Responds To Omarosa's Latest Tape: 'Shocked And Saddened'

Yolanda Curtis
August 17, 2018

The proposed agreement said that Manigault Newman could not make any comments about President Trump, Vice President Pence or their families, or any comments that could damage the president.

The tapes indicated that Lara Trump offered Manigult Newman a salary of $180,000 to help with the campaign and that she would be expected to keep things positive and not reveal anything about the president.

Many condemned the president and his repeated attempts to compare minorities with animals, but there was little defence of Manigault Newman.

Newman shared the tape on MSNBC to host Craig Melvin, corroborating what she wrote in her tell-all book.

"The fact that I am involved in such a big deal with the president tells you that he should not be president", Arnold said matter-of-fact.

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Trump then proposes the hefty compensation.

In her statement, Trump made no mention of a hush money payoff to Manigault Newman. Her book has plunged the White House and the President anew into crisis, pushing Trump to badmouth her on social media. "But also part of that was that they have, through our Republic, elected people to serve them and you are serving as an employee at will of them to enact, support and enunciate their policy agenda", he responded.

Manigault-Newman writes that she convinced Trump not to pursue the idea, and to never mention it to anyone else.

"I'm not trolling them".

"And I never meant to share that, I didn't even remember that I really had it, but when she was just so vehement that it never happened, I was like, 'It never happened?"

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Lara Trump said she "formed a sisterhood bond that is unlike any I have experienced in my life" with Manigault Newman.

Burnett, the Apprentice producer, and Trump are "best friends", Arnold claimed, and Burnett is protecting the president. "I don't want to see a race war as Donald Trump does". In her new book, she describes the president as "racist" and claims he has used the "N-word" repeatedly.

Manigault Newman first gained fame by being a contestant on Trump's reality television show "The Apprentice". Kelly was firing Manigault Newman, and she wanted to record the conversation to protect herself.

The RNC is now here to remind her that other tapes exist, ones in which she sang a very different tune about Trump. Trump seems surprised in the recording and claims he did not know about Kelly's decision.

On Tuesday, White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she could not guarantee that there isn't an audio recording of Trump using the N-word. He was among a number of White House staffers lacking permanent security clearance to have their status downgraded.

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