California Legislature Passes Bill That Would Increase Bar Hours

Clark Diaz
September 2, 2018

"We hope that other states can look to this legislation as a model for net neutrality standards".

The bill seeks to turn California into the leader of a widening state-led backlash against the FCC, which did not respond to a request for comment.

Pai's critics have launched a multi-pronged effort to reverse that move, filing lawsuits in federal court, demanding a congressional vote to overrule the FCC and pushing for state legislation - such as California's.

California's Senate approved the measure, called SB 822, by 27-12 Friday, a day after colleagues in the Assembly approved it 61-18. "SB 822 brings back net neutrality to California and restores the important protections that the FCC voted to eliminate last December".

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"Today was a landmark in the fight to preserve a free and open internet", supporter Barbara van Schewick, the director of Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society, said in a statement. "This historic Assembly vote is a testament to the power of the internet".

"There was a moment where that campaign looked like it might have been successful, but [the people] spoke out and got strong net-neutrality protections restored".

The EFF added, "We're in the home stretch here". "California can prove that ISP money can't defeat real people's voices".

A coalition of business groups, including the California Chamber of Commerce, say in a joint statement that they're all for gender equality but this isn't the way to go about it.

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"This is basic consumer protections, protecting small and midsize businesses, protecting activists and labor unions and anyone else who uses the internet", said Democratic state Sen.

Brown has not said whether he'll sign the bill, which would likely draw a lawsuit from the industry.

It also would ban so-called "zero rating", in which internet providers don't count certain content against a monthly data cap. Scott Wiener, a Democrat, argued that without the regulations, internet providers could "inhibit us or manipulate us away from our favorite web sites".

A series of four anti-gun bills were approved late this week and are heading to Gov.

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If it clears the state Senate and Brown signs it, SB 838 would provide the authorization for California corporations "to issue and transfer stock on a blockchain", as an alternative to issuing traditional share certificates and a share ledger, Hertzberg's office said in a fact sheet.

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