Very big 1,000ft spider web mysteriously appears overnight in Greece

Clark Diaz
September 23, 2018

A soft, white blanket of webbing formed near a lagoon in western Greece, reportedly allowing a massive mating "party" to ensue between spiders in the town of Aitoliko.

A spider web spanning almost 1,000ft has appeared in Greece, where locals say unusually high mosquito activity took place before the web appeared.

A vast area of greenery has been covered by the web, reports the Daily Hellas.

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The web was created by Tetragnatha spiders, a type of spider that falls in the long-jawed orb weaver classification.

A gallery of the large spider web is available at the Greek website Newsit.

Molecular biologist Maria Chatzaki from the Democritus University of Thrace in Greece explained, "These spiders are not risky for humans and will not cause any damage to the area's flora". They commonly build their webs near watery habitats and some species can even walk on water, as reported by Science Alert.

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Such an incident is not completely unheard of in Aitoliko as the phenomenon is known to be seasonal.

Speaking to Greek news websites, molecular biologist Maria Chatzaki said that the spiders are not unsafe to humans and she not be feared.

The webs are filled with Tetragnatha spiders - known as "stretch spiders" for their long bodies.

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"When an animal finds abundant food, high temperatures and sufficient humidity, it has the ideal conditions to be able to make large populations", she said.

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