Yale law students protest Kavanaugh nomination

Geraldine Edwards
September 27, 2018

Trump sarcastically said, "Oh, gee, let's not make him a Supreme Court judge because of that" in dismissing the notion the allegations should derail Kavanaugh's appointment.

Protesters carrying signs and chanting slogans filled hallways outside the offices of Sen. If she and another Republican oppose Kavanaugh, his nomination could fail. She says the allegations are disappointing but not surprising. After his public hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, several women have accused him of sexual assault when he was a teenager in the Maryland suburbs outside Washington, D.C., which Kavanaugh denied.

"This would be 100% contrary to the character of the man I know and a powerful punch in the gut", Rivera, an attorney in Houston and a political independent, wrote in an email, calling Kavanaugh "honorable" and "respectful".

"I wish there were a way to know for sure", Rivera said.

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Helen Rice, who described herself as a liberal Democrat, said Kavanaugh was "never anything but polite and respectful" as a friend, despite their political differences. "To be in the hub of all of this is awe-inspiring and simultaneously petrifying because of the stakes".

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/NewscomAt least 30 Yale law professors cancelled classes Monday to allow students to travel to Washington, D.C. and protest Brett Kavanaugh, a graduate of the law school and President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court.

So as an illegitimate administration goes to work attacking the credibility of a fearless woman recounting her assault, let's recognize the enormously cynical hypocrisy: The nominee they're desperate to protect is a calculated liar who uses dishonesty to advance his own career. Collins faces heavy pressure from conservatives to support Kavanaugh, and from liberals to reject him in part because he could cast a deciding vote to overturn or gut Roe. The accusations surfaced in a story in The New Yorker on Sunday.

Chua has denied the allegations that she instructed her female students to have a "certain look" when interviewing for coveted clerkships with Kavanaugh.

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Roche, who declined media interviews, said he he did not witness the 1983 act in question: When Debbie Ramiez said Kavanaugh was standing next to her, laughing, pulling up his trousers, after putting his penis in her face, the New Yorker reported on Sunday.

"I'm close, I'm very close, but I'm not all the way there yet". I have shared this information with a small number of reporters who reached out to me directly because Debbie has a right to be heard and I believe her.

After "six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections" to speak publicly, the report said. "You do not forget someone choking you, you do not forget someone putting their hand over their mouth and you thinking they're going to die", she said, her voice quaking.

In remarks to the media after the event, King said the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be given time to investigate the multiple accusations against Kavanaugh.

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Portland was the second stop on the Protect Our Care national bus tour, which is scheduled to go to 23 states to rally to preserve health care protections that became law under the Affordable Care Act but are under threat by Republicans and Trump.

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