Before-and-after photos show Hurricane Michael's catastrophic destruction in Florida

Clark Diaz
October 11, 2018

The town looked bruised, said Kathleen Troy, 57, as she and her husband walked their dog through dark streets, but not beaten. The sheriff's department has not released details on the county's three other storm-related deaths.

The fatalities included Sarah Radney, an 11-year-old girl in Seminole County, Georgia, and a man in Greensboro, Florida.

Florida Governor Rick Scott called Michael "monstrous storm" and urged residents to listen to officials. "That's probably ground zero".

Florida suffered "unimaginable destruction" as it was hit by one of the strongest hurricanes ever to have made landfall in the USA, the state's governor said.

"Water will come miles in shore and could easily rise over the roofs of houses", he said. Houses were cracked open to reveal sodden furniture and wrecked belongings.

First responders and residents walk along a main street in Mexico Beach October 11
First responders and residents walk along a main street in Mexico Beach October 11

"Our lives are gone here. There's nothing left here anymore". The most powerful hurricane on record to hit Florida's Panhandle left widespread destruction and wasn't finished Thursday as it crossed Georgia toward the Carolinas, a region still reeling from epic flooding in Hurricane Florence. Every telephone pole in sight is snapped in half.

"It's hard to grasp", he said. "The only way I can explain it, through my eyeballs, is a Third World country war zone". An estimated 6,000 people evacuated to emergency shelters, mostly in Florida, and that number was expected to swell to 20,000 across five states by week's end, said Brad Kieserman of the American Red Cross.

The National Hurricane Center further expects tropical storm conditions to spread northward along the southeast US coast through Friday.

This image captured by NASA shows Hurricane Michael, while still a Category 1 storm, as it moves through the Gulf. As it moves inland, it is forecast to drop heavy rain later this week in the Carolinas where residents are still recovering from Hurricane Florence.

The hurricane then roared north through southwest Georgia and was on Thursday setting its sights on North and SC, states that are still reeling from historic flooding left by Hurricane Florence last month. Many crops, such as vegetables and cotton, may also be affected. Technically, it is defined by the National Hurricane Center as an increase in wind speeds of 35 miles per hour or more in 24 hours. A year ago the school welcomed students and families displaced by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. We are working as quickly as possible to make that happen.

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Florida emergency officials say they're starting to transfer patients out of damaged health care facilities.

Only a skeleton staff remained at Tyndall Air Force Base, situated on a peninsula just south of Panama City.

"There are so many downed power lines and trees that it's nearly impossible to get through the city", Apalachicola Mayor Van Johnson said.

It's expected to keep blowing across central and eastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia before crossing into the Atlantic Ocean by late Thursday or early Friday. No one has heard from them since Wednesday afternoon.

The marina Mulligan's brother owns is submerged, she said. A neighbor told McCall that all the docks in the area were destroyed and many people are stuck in their homes as the roads have been blocked with debris.

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"I know it's going to cover everything around here", Sadousky said Tuesday, eyeing water lapping at the edge of a canal behind his home.

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"Those who stick around to experience storm surge don t typically live to tell about it", said FEMA s Long. The roar of the winds, he said, sounded like a jet engine.

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