United Nations report warns of possible climate disaster by 2040

Clark Diaz
October 11, 2018

"Limiting global warming to 1.5ºC would require rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society", an IPCC press release reads.

No new technologies are necessary to limit warming, according to the IPCC.

"Limiting global warming to 1.5°C compared with 2°C would reduce challenging impacts on ecosystems, human health and well-being, making it easier to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)", Co-Chair of IPCC Working Group III Priyardarshi Shukla said, referring to the 17 Goals adopted by UN Member States three years ago to protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

The planet is even closer to catastrophe than scientists previously predicted, according to a new report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The report further revealed that global warming has already had an effect in regions across the world.

This weekend in Korea the IPCC approved the latest special report advising global governments to hold warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

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As internationally recognized scientist Johan Rockström reportedly told the Guardian, "Climate change is occurring earlier and more rapidly than expected".

It was Trump's first reaction to the report, which says that the Earth surface has warmed one degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) and is on track toward an unliveable 3C or 4C rise. Essential for pollinating crops, they will be more likely to lose half their habitat at two degrees than 1.5.

"We must have laser focus on delivering on 1.5 degrees and this report provides a pathway to get there".

"This report gives policymakers and practitioners the information they need to make decisions that tackle climate change while considering local context and people's needs".

The study was urgent because CO2, the main greenhouse gas, reached record levels in the atmosphere past year, and current pledges to cut emissions under the Paris Agreement would lead to warming of about 3 deg C.

Former Vice President Al Gore Jr. warned that "time is running out" after the release of a United Nations special report Sunday giving the world 12 years to head off climate calamity by radically transforming "all aspects of society".

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To contain warming at 1.5C, manmade global net carbon dioxide emissions would need to fall by about 45 percent by 2030 from 2010 levels and reach "net zero" by mid-century, the report said.

"The next few years are probably the most important in our history", said Debra Roberts, an IPCC co-chair.

"Within the next decade or so, we will need to radically change the way we build our houses, move from one place to another and grow our food", said 350.org in a statement.

The new Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, said Monday that he would not withdraw the country from the Paris Agreement, but his government also wouldn't stick to electricity-sector targets that involve the phasing-out of coal.

McKibben believes the odds of governments taking action in the wake of this report are slim.

An agreement was adopted by 195 nations in December 2017 at the 21st conference of the Paris to the UN Convention on Climate Change. It envisions a scenario in which the USA acts alone on climate change, not in tandem with the 194 other countries that agreed to emissions reductions in the Paris Agreement on climate change.

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