AP White House reporter: Midterms a tale of two maps

Geraldine Edwards
October 23, 2018

President Donald Trump revealed on Monday he'll push for a new round of tax cuts - after the midterm election, this time for the middle class.

National Republican Congressional Committee strategists believe they have a narrow path to maintaining control.

RealClearPolitics co-founder Tom Bevan said Monday on Fox & Friends that while interest in the midterms doesn't necessarily translate to votes, the electorate is ready for November.

Voters have warmed up to President Trump, at least somewhat.

Other Democratic candidates and Democratic Sen.

NWS Outlook: Winter could go either way in Mountain State
Farmer's Almanac Editor Peter Geiger said in late August his publication predicts "a very long, cold and snow-filled winter". Halpert says Maine's winter may yet be affected by warming equatorial ocean temperatures in the Pacific, known as El Niño .

The president's disapproval has dropped by the same margin.

Trump could also continue pushing through his conservative judicial nominees, especially if there is another opening in the powerful Supreme Court, the final legal arbiter on the country's biggest and most socially sensitive questions.

President Donald Trump says Democrats are "too extreme and too dangerous" to take control of Congress.

Despite bracing for a potential "blue wave", the GOP still has advantages, including a financial edge and gerrymandered districts.

Early voting figures in key districts across the country triggered alarm bells within Republican circles over the weekend; signaling a "massive turnout" among progressives and Democrats throughout the US.

Trump says USA ending arms control treaty with Russian Federation
Meanwhile, The Guardian newspaper reported that Bolton recently recommended that Trump withdraw from the treaty. Russian Federation has claimed that USA missile defences violate the pact.

Yet women's preference for Democrats has more than doubled to 25 points.

This summer Democrats let themselves dream that their charismatic young senate candidate in Texas, Beto O'Rourke, might be able to knock Republican Ted Cruz off his senate seat in that large, deeply conservative state.

"Both caucuses on the Democratic side should pick up seats this year". The first midterm election in a president's term traditionally favors the party out of power.

Blinded by extreme partisanship, hungry for power and obsessed with tax cuts and environmental and financial deregulation, the Republicans have permitted Trump to recklessly exercise executive power - such as instituting tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum under the bogus guise of protecting US national security - contrary to their own party's policies and the interests of the citizens they represent.

Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intelligence panel, wrote on Friday in the Washington Post that the Republican-controlled Congress had abdicated its oversight duty and "been complicit in some of the president's most egregious attacks on our democratic institutions". The FiveThirtyEight political website, widely respected for its statistical analyses, gives the Democrats five chances in six to retake the House.

Thousands of migrants reach Mexico border
However, his incoming Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, said those without a visa would have to apply for refugee status. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has partnered with the United States in the past on immigration-related issues.

While Democrats think the revised guidance will lead to more "junk" insurance plans in the marketplace, Republicans praised the increase in flexibility, citing issues with the earlier innovation waiver process.

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