World's Oldest Intact Shipwreck Found in Mile-Deep Waters Off Bulgarian Coast

Geraldine Edwards
October 26, 2018

Scientists from the United Kingdom and Bulgaria found on the bottom of the Black sea the ancient ship, discovered to date. Before this discovery, ancient ships had been found only in fragments.

The rudder, rowing benches and even the contents of its hold remain intact.

The ship's cargo remains unknown, with the group of Anglo-Bulgarian explorers hoping to secure more funding to delve deeper, and uncover more information.

There are two reasons the ship has been found in such good shape: firstly, it sunk into anoxic waters - with depleted levels of the oxygen that would otherwise have caused the wreck to deteriorate over the years.

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Lying 1.2 miles below the surface it is also beyond the reach of modern divers. "It's preserved, it's safe", she added. They found a Greek trading vessel whose design had previously been seen only on ancient pottery.

"As the waters rose, the settlement was abandoned and now the remains of house timbers, hearths, and ceramics lie 2.5 meters below the seabed", said the statement by Black Sea MAP.

In appearance very similar to the vehicle depicted on vases of Ancient Greece of the vessel. The song of these enchantresses was said to be capable of luring passing sailors to their islands, and, subsequently, to their doom. The Homeric hero is tied to the mast to keep him from the sirens' seductive calls. In particular, it is a product of ancient shipbuilding is drawn on the world famous "Vase of sirens".

The ship was discovered in the fall of 2017, on the third of three survey trips to the Black Sea.

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The scientists were able to use underwater robots to examine the vessel, which measures some 75 feet in length.

The archaeologists believe it probably held 15 to 25 men at the time. This means the environment can not support the organisms that typically eat organic materials, such as wood and flesh. They claim that it is " the oldest intact shipwreck known to mankind". The contents of the hold are still unknown, making it a bit more hard to determine where the ship was going or where exactly it originated.

"As archaeologists we're interested in what it can tell us about technology, trade and movements".

The MAP team has spent the last three years exploring the Black Sea.

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The Black Sea has risen and fallen as civilizations have waxed and waned. It discovered some 60 shipwrecks, including a 17th century Cossack raiding fleet and Roman trading vessels carrying amphorae.

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