Google Hangouts to be shutdown in 2020

Gerardo Harmon
December 2, 2018

Since then, of course, Google has had a number of other messaging apps, and juggled them in somewhat confusing ways.

The original Hangouts app will shut down sometime in 2020, a person familiar with the matter told 9to5Google. If the report is correct, 2019 will be the a year ago in which consumers are able to use Google Hangouts - but Google already has chat alternatives available. Better, a lineage for the preservation of your existing Hangouts chat history/data would be implied by this reveal. In 2016, Hangouts was demoted, if not immediately killed, by Google as it launched a new messaging app called Allo for text and multimedia messages and Duo for video calls.

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Google is now working on a new messaging app that will support Rich Communications Services (RCS), making SMS nearly WhatsApp like.

The death of Hangouts, if the report by 9to5google, a website dedicated to Google-related news, turns out to be true, it will not be unexpected.

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Google is no stranger to killing off services, and it seems that one of its next victims could be Hangouts. As 9to5Google noted, there hasn't been any movement on development for the app in some time, and Google removed Hangouts' support for SMS in May of a year ago. Additionally, Google Hangouts is a part of Gmail web and users can still use it.

Hangouts was launched as a replacement for Gchat in 2013 by the tech titan but has been losing features in recent years as the company has stopped updating the app and taken away SMS messaging. "Hangouts users will be upgraded to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet", he explains.

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