Who Stars in Netflix's 'Black Mirror' Movie 'Bandersnatch?'

Yolanda Curtis
December 29, 2018

We'll have to wait and see how many more Carroll references show up in the episode, since Black Mirror loves including Easter eggs. Take a break from Christmas princes and comely winter villages with with an all-new feature length episode of Black Mirror.

Entitled "Bandersnatch", the episode has its own dedicated Netflix page which describes it as "A Netflix film", and indicates that it has a 90-minute runtime. The confusion among other outlets may have been due to Netflix's original announcement of more Black Mirror content, posted in March of this year, which many treated as a formal "fifth season" announcement.

As you watch the film you are invited to make a series of choices, some big, some small, that ultimately change the direction of the story.

The Pitch: In this special choose-your-own-adventure Black Mirror set in 1984, young programmer Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) struggles to design an adventure game patterned after an ambitious sci-fi book called Bandersnatch, written by a controversial writer who met a grisly fate.

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There's a bit more to it than that, but the story is frankly secondary to the viewer's ability to navigate toward various outcomes and multiple separate endings.

Netflix says choices will pop up about every 1.5 minutes and you can use your remote control, fingers, or console controller to enter your preference.

At various points in the story, the viewer must choose what happens next. It's first mentioned in the poem "Jabberwocky" in Through the Looking-Glass, where the narrator warns his son to "shun / The frumious Bandersnatch".

This lines up with earlier reports that claimed Bandersnatch contains more than five hours of footage.

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It sounds like Brooker is thinking along those lines, because Netflix is dropping a proper Black Mirror movie tomorrow.

The episode also stars Will Poulter (Detroit), Alice Lowe (Prevenge), and Asim Chaudhry (People Just Do Nothing). This time you'll find your rabbit under the bed, and if you choose to go with your Mum, you take the same train as her and die with her on it.

And while the streaming service was seemingly holding its cards close to its chest, Netflix finally confirmed the rumors today.

Are you excited to check out Black Mirror's interactive movie?

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