President Trump Says He's Ready to Negotiate With Democrats

Geraldine Edwards
January 2, 2019

Trump triggered the shutdown, which began on December 22, by insisting that $5 billion in funding for the border wall be part of any spending measure.

With the Democratic Party poised to take control of the House of Representatives on January 3, President Trump appears to be standing firm in his demand for approximately $5 billion in funding for the beginning stages of a southern border wall.

"Senate Republicans have already supported this legislation, and if they reject it now, they will be fully complicit in chaos and destruction of the President's third shutdown of his term", Pelosi said.

Democrats note that the creation of a physical barrier to keep migrants from entering the country illegally is a waste of money, and instead offer a system of modern electronic measures along the border.

Despite his campaign promise and years of criticizing Democrats on the issue of border security, a Reuters/Ipsos poll released last Thursday found that more Americans blame Trump rather than Democrats for the ongoing government shutdown.

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The bill will go from the Democratic-controlled House to the Republican-held Senate and from there, it would need Trump's signature.

The first bill includes year-long funding plans for every government agency now closed, with the exception of the Department of Homeland Security. President Donald Trump dissed the plan in multiple tweets.

A former Homeland Security secretary, Mr Kelly is well versed in the complexities of immigration and border security and his views seemingly contrast with Mr Trump's harsh rhetoric on migration.

But he seemed to shift tactics later in the day, appealing to Pelosi, who is expected to take over as speaker when the new Congress convenes.

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The new year will start like how 2018 ended: the federal government will be under a partial shutdown with no end in sight.

The second bill would reopen and fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) only on a short-term basis.

A spokeswoman for the ACLU said Monday that the group supports extending Homeland Security funding to February 8, which would allow newly empowered Democrats more latitude in determining the agency's budget for the remainder of fiscal 2018.

Having canceled much of his previously planned 16-day vacation at his Mar-a-Lago golf resort in Florida, Trump chided Democrats for leaving him "all alone" in Washington over the holidays, but did so in a way that left him open to criticism.

McChrystal was forced to resign in 2010 after making disparaging comments about Obama administration officials in a Rolling Stone article.

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Senate Democrats support the measures, according to a senior aide who was unauthorized to discuss the plan and spoke on the condition of anonymity. During the exchange, the president indicated that he will not back away from his demand for billions of dollars in border wall funding. Whether or not the GOP-led Senate will take up the legislation or if the president will sign them into law remains to be seen.

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