Captain Marvel Reviews: What CinemaBlend Thought Of The Newest Marvel Movie

Yolanda Curtis
March 9, 2019

Or do you think Captain Marvel has effectively ended it for now, as she set out to do? In fact, she even got the opportunity to fly in a jet.

With Captain Marvel expected to top this weekend's box office, Walt Disney set to reach another movie milestone.

That way has to do with the changes the movie makes to Carol Danvers' origin. Lashana Lynch is a ideal sidekick and proves you don't need to have superhuman powers to be a total boss.

"You don't often see a movie in general with such a strong female lead, so seeing that really hit home for me", says Saara Chaudry, 14, a contributor to CBC Kids News who saw an advance screening of Captain Marvel.

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Captain Marvel takes it for granted that women can be tough and take charge.

Lynch, Larson and Boden all went to Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas to get a glimpse of life as a fighter pilot.

While the big screen has been slow to give female heroes their spotlight, it's a different story on the small screen.

During the climax, the Kree and Skulls fight against each other for the Tesseract with Captain Marvel fighting for the Skrull side as she now knows the intentions of Yon-Rogg (Jude Law). The humor, especially, is built in to the other Marvel films and I wonder why there is almost none in 'Captain Marvel.' The answer, I think is in the film's star, Brie Larson, as hot-shot fighter pilot and kick ass warrior Carol Danvers.

Plus, the events of Captain Marvel end in 1995 without explaining what has happened to Carol Danvers in the intervening years.

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The "Captain Marvel" after credits scene adds further credence to that possibility. Back on Earth, she also finds herself in several unsafe situations as a pilot. Let's break it down! Her sarcastic wit and nearly Steve Rogers-like attitude was a great watch and gives the hint that she'll be playing a huge part in the MCU moving forward. This mastery will also increase the amount of Energy Damage dealt in Binary Ignition. Vers also has a nasty case of amnesia, having no idea where she came from, how she ended up on Hala, or why she can shoot laser fire out of her hands. They don't call her Princess Sparklefists for nothing.

Or perhaps you're a little more low key (Loki pun!) with your MCU fan cred but would still pack your bags for Wakanda or travel back to the '90s to hang with Carol Danvers in a second if you could. The helmet is purely a fashion choice, she can breathe up there just fine without it.

Goose the cat is the secret star of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel is now in theatres.

She, however, hoped that there comes a time when a female director for a superhero film becomes a norm rather than an exception.

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Samuel L Jackson, who plays Nick Fury, had earlier told Pinkvilla that Brie was like a sister to him. We were exhausted at the end of the day, we had a bunch of people on set...

For those who have already seen Captain Marvel, they will know the pager was a genuine 90s piece of tech.

Captain Marvel is cool as hell. Captain Marvel has a practical supersuit. In doing so, the film answers a mystery that's gone unsolved for 11 years, since the debut of Iron Man and the start of the MCU as we know it today. "I could make up some more shit?" Or you can react to the post down below!

Larson responded: "Thank you sister!" Keep an eye on your inbox.

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