John Kelly Tries To Distance Himself From Immigration Policies He Helped Implement

Geraldine Edwards
March 10, 2019

Kelly has previously downplayed the need for a border wall on the full southern border, telling a Senate panel in April 2017, "It is unlikely that we will build a wall, a physical barrier, from sea to shining sea" and that "physical barriers work". He suggested that Customs and Border Patrol agents would agree that a physical barrier in many places "seems like an very bad waste of money", and appeared to question whether the crisis at the southern border needed to be deemed a national emergency at all.

"If I had gotten the call - if Hillary Clinton won the presidency and she had called and said, 'I really need a good chief of staff here, ' I'd have probably done it", Kelly said. "If I told them I can get you 2,000 miles, they'd say 'Eh, seems like an terrible waste of money, '" he continued.

"Thank God we have the courts".

In addition to noting the expense of Trump's proposed wall, Kelly also indicated to the audience Wednesday that Trump's characterization of many immigrants as criminals or rapists was unfounded.

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The former chief of staff also "expressed disagreement with deploying USA troops, even National Guard troops, to the border, as Trump did last fall before the midterm elections", NBC wrote.

Despite the potential logistical difficulties presented by building a wall, and the obvious legal and funding challenges he now faces as Democrats lead an effort to block his national emergency declaration, Mr. Trump has remained firm that a wall is the only way to truly secure the border.

"And by the way, they're overwhelmingly not criminals", Kelly said of those illegally crossing the Southern border.

Hillary Clinton recently revealed that she won't running for election in 2020 and obviously, Donald Trump had to tweet about it. "It certainly caught DHS flat-footed and HHS, Health and Human Services, flat-footed".

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"The CBP, Customs and Border Protection people, who are so familiar with the border, they can tell you, you know, if you say, 'I can get you 40 miles, ' they'll tell you exactly where they want it". "It was an incredibly hard job", he said before adding, "it was the most important job I've ever done". "But we left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration, when we asked people what they needed and where they needed it".

Some urged Clinton to "please stop" with her tweeting, while others reminded her that she, a career politician, lost the 2016 race to "Celeb Apprentice" Trump.

He also appeared to back away from taking responsibility for the "zero tolerance" policy that separated thousands of migrant families, saying it "came as a surprise", according to The New York Times.

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