Donald Trump Open to Third Summit with Kim Jong-un: John Bolton

Geraldine Edwards
March 13, 2019

"We are going to continue with the pressure campaign." she said. We'll take a look.

An authoritative US government source familiar with USA intelligence assessments said they did not conclude that a launch was imminent, given North Korea's apparent desire to keep negotiations going with the United States.

Commercial satellite imagery showed activities at the Sohae rocket launch site and the Sanumdong missile research center near Pyongyang.

North Koreans went to the polls on Sunday to cast their second vote under the leadership of Kim Jong-Un - with only one approved name on the ballot.

Hawkish US National Security Advisor John Bolton had been scheduled to fly to South Korea for prior consultations, he said, but in the event flew directly to Hanoi.

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According to Bolton what the president did in Hanoi, was important not just in the negotiations with North Korea on their nuclear programme, but also with China on trade, and also with Russian Federation on arms control and other countries. Without the income derived from selling those export commodities, the North Korean economy is likely to face limits on its growth.

For North Koreans who defect, the South's electoral system was "definitely novel", said Sokeel Park, of campaign group Liberty In North Korea.

Turnout in 2014 was 99.97 per cent and the vote was 100 per cent in favour of the named candidates, a result unmatched anywhere else in the world. "Some think it is likely to contract in 2019".

"We see exactly what they are doing", he said. But, he thinks that Pyongyang is unlikely to get very far with Moscow and Beijing. However, Trump told reporters that like the Singapore summit, Kim had committed not conducting nuclear or ballistic missile tests.

In his interview with ABC and in another with Fox News Channel, Mr Bolton appeared to rule out any partial deal with North Korea. "And although the Trump administration threatened that, it hasn't followed through with that threat".

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US-based websites recently released satellite photographs indicating North Korea has restored structures at its long-range rocket launch facility that it dismantled a year ago at the start of diplomacy with the United States.

Since 2017, North Korea has frozen nuclear and missile testing. South Korean tours to the venerated Mount Kumgang ended in 2008 after a South Korean tourist was shot by a North Korean guard.

Due to the developments observed in North Korea's nuclear plants, South Korea revealed that it has been monitoring the movements in the facilities in order immediately detect any attempt for a missile launch.

"It's possible that North Korea will go back and rethink the position they came in with and come back to talk to the president about the big deal", he told Fox. After the failed Hanoi summit, there seems to be a lot of pessimism in the media, anticipating resumed testing and a breakdown of the diplomatic process. "Give us some idea whether that concerns you".

Bolton called the incremental approach North Korea has sought a "ploy" to obtain sanctions relief.

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