MPs Are Intent on Reversing Brexit!

Geraldine Edwards
March 17, 2019

But the opposition Labour Party's finance policy chief John McDonnell said on Saturday he was concerned that Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond's presence during the talks on Friday means the government might have offered the DUP money to back the deal.

British lawmakers voted on Thursday night to allow the government to seek a delay for Britain's departure from the bloc.

It could be a legal standpoint that aids Prime Minister Theresa May to get Brexiteers that have opposed her deal twice, to vote for it in a third round next week. He warned that it risked leaving the EU paralysed if British MEPs were not elected in May's European parliament elections, but a new prime minister then revoked article 50 before July - when the European parliament first sits.

We also saw MPs rule out having a second referendum, though this was largely because the People's Vote campaign actually asked MPs not to agree to one right now, thinking that it may be better to do so later on.

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May issued Brexit supporters an ultimatum: ratify her deal by a European Council summit on March 21 or face a delay to Brexit way beyond June 30 that would open up the possibility that the divorce could be ultimately thwarted.

They plan to arrive at Parliament on March 29, though they are not covering the whole distance on foot.

"We've always said in Ireland, if the United Kingdom asks for more time, for one to prevent no deal, a crash-out Brexit happening, but secondly to implement a clear plan and strategy to reflect on and perhaps change direction in regard to Brexit, well then Ireland certainly wouldn't be an obstacle to that", Coveney told a conference.

But the first three of those options would require the European Union to agree to allow those people access to their parliament - what would their democracy look like then? His Spanish counterpart Josep Borrell concurred: "if they're going to ask for an extension that goes beyond the date when the parliament is formed, they have the obligation to take part in European elections", Borrell said. The argument now is really about what that new deal would look like, and with the extension of Article 50, they have a little more breathing space to process it.

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The Government won the vote on giving Parliament the opportunity to choose another Brexit approach by just two votes, with 16 Tories rebelling against their party.

MPs voted on Thursday by 413 to 202 - a majority of 211 - for Prime Minister Theresa May to ask the European Union for a delay to Brexit.

Remarkably, May - after two massive, historic defeats on the defining legislation of her government - has a glimmer of hope of victory next week.

Further talks are expected over the coming days with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in the hope that persuading the 10 Northern Irish MPs to back the deal will help sway scores of Tory Eurosceptics to fall into line.

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Barry Lockey, who arrived in Sunderland carrying a flag with the message "Get Britain out: Time to leave the EU", said that the event is about supporting democracy.

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