1 case of so called ‘Superbug’ reported in CT

Nora Nguyen
April 10, 2019

India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Russia, Australia, US, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Kenya and list goes on with at least 587 cases reported from US alone, 309 cases in NY, 104 in New Jersey and 144 in IL, according to the CDC. Since then, it has caused at least 587 illnesses in the U.S. More than 300 of those cases were reported in NY state. Some 41% of the Spanish hospital patients affected died within 30 days of being diagnosed.

The fungus has been reported most frequently in hospitals and nursing homes and is spread when people come into contact with contaminated individuals, surfaces or objects. In the US, patients in IL and New Jersey have also been reported, as well as others in NY.

The fungus, which is actually a yeast, can cause bloodstream infections, wound and ear infections.

"Early detection of patients infected with C. auris, as well as good infection prevention and control practices, such as meticulous hand hygiene and environmental disinfection, can prevent its spread", the spokesman said.

Elderly sick patients and ill infants tend to be the most vulnerable to the germs.

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According to a report published by Annals Academy of Medicine Singapore in July 2018, the first case of Candida auris was detected in Singapore in 2012 and involved a 52-year-old locally-born Chinese woman. A subset of strains are resistant to all three antifungal drug classes available.

People with highly weakened Immune System are at higher risk of getting infected apart from newborns.

But it's not just deadly drug-resistant bacterial infections that are spreading.

Candida auris can be challenging to identify because the symptoms are so similar to the flu or common cold that testing for the fungus is often overlooked.

Candida auris shown on a petri dish.

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Researchers said drugs used to treat fungal infections in plants and animals are in danger of becoming ineffective and fear the same could happen to those treatments used for human infections.

"It's an enormous problem", professor of fungal epidemiology at Imperial College London Matthew Fisher told the Times. "In several patients, by the time we had made the correct diagnosis, it was too late". Most deaths occur within 90 days. But with drug-resistant fungi and bacteria, their genes evolve so quickly that the treatment meant to target them proves ineffective and allows the risky disease to spread.

The CDC added, "Patients who have been hospitalized in a healthcare facility a long time, have a central venous catheter, or other lines or tubes entering their body, or have previously received antibiotics or antifungal medications, appear to be at highest risk of infection with this yeast".

MOH spokesman said: "Healthcare institutions in Singapore have infection prevention and control measures in place to prevent and control any healthcare-associated infections, including C. auris".

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